About Us



     In 1999, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games formed an Interfaith Roundtable whose purpose was to fulfill the Olympic Charter requirement to “provide religious support” for athletes and families. Forty-five faith leaders from over 22 faiths joined together as the SLOC Interfaith Roundtable to help welcome the world to Utah. These faith representatives collaborated to provide chaplain support for athletes, a directory of faiths in Utah, interfaith web pages, and newfound interfaith respect in Utah. Out of this work for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games came a desire to continue this interfaith dialogue, friendship, and understanding. The Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable has continued to meet monthly ever since and collaborate on mutual interfaith goals.

Goals & Objectives

1.  Facilitate interfaith respect, understanding and appreciation.

2.  Increase understanding through interfaith dialogue.

3.  Build interfaith collaboration.

4.  Explore ways to address issues of religiously motivated hate and conflict in our community.

5.  Maintain an Olympic legacy of continuing respect for cultural diversity, human potential, and world peace.