2015 Interfaith Season

The Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable invites faiths in the State of Utah to submit requests to be part of Interfaith Month which has recently expanded to be Interfaith Season!
Downloadable PDF Event Fliers and Information follow:

Interfaith Season Calendar PDF

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03/25/2015 Lenten Series & Baha’i – St. Mark’s
03/23/15 Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist – Evangelical Christian 
03/21/2015 Human Rights Interactive Workshop
03/18/2015 Lenten Series-St. Mark’s
03/11/2015 Lenten Series & Buddhism-St. Mark’s
03/10/2015 Women of Faith – FFWPU
03/07/2015 Power of Prevention_Interfaith-Day
03/05/15 LDS Church History Library Tour RSVP
03/04/2015 Lenten Series & Hinduism-St. Mark’s
02/21/15 Langer and Kirtan Celebration -SikhTemple
02/17/15 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
02/24/15 Interfaith Guided Bus Tour 2015 RSVP
02/19/15 Rumi Poetry Club
02/12/15 Deeksha Interfaith Open House
02/10/15 JD HS Interfaith Leaders Luncheon RSVP
02/07/15 Muslim Voices Against Extremism
02/02/15 Family Promise
o2/02/14 Neale Nelson Lecture-Heretics & Infidels – UofU
01/29/15 Hindu Temple Tour
01/25/15 Annual Aquina Lecture – Poster 11×17
All Interfaith Season events are FREE of charge to the public.

2015 Interfaith Season Calendar 

We would love for you to share the Interfaith Season poster. Please distribute as you see fit.


Janet Healy Interfaith Month Co-Chair

Janet Healy Interfaith Season Chair month@interfaithroundtable.org